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Opening announcements are made one week in advance via journal on FurAffinity and Telegram channel. Subscribers on Patreon are granted priority access to slots.

Notice: If you do not hear back within 48 hours, please submit an inquiry via email:
There have been some issues with the form. Thank you.

submit a Commission Request fill out the "Contact me" Form on this page and select the type of commission your are interested in, provide links to your reference material, and a description of you are interested in having created.

If you wish to submit any questions please select "General Inquiry". You do not need to select a commission type or put anything in the reference section.

About Project Proposals

A Project Proposal entails a wide variety of work such as concept art, story-boarding, story book illustration, logo creation, website graphics, and more. Typically these projects are larger in scope and require a great deal of planning and coordination as well as often being for commercial purposes.

If your project fits this criteria please fill out my Project Proposal Form and email to me at


By submitting these forms you signify that you have read and agree to my Terms of Service.

Thank you.

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