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     Dustin Thorne, a seasoned detective with the Strandherd Police Department, awakes ones day to discovers his partner, Quill Hayes, has been murdered by the very Serial Killer they had been tasked with hunting. After a lengthy absence, Dustin returns to the force and is once again on the trail of the serial killer who took what was most precious to him. Faced with even more grisly murders, Dustin must confront his grief in order to work with a new partner, an outsider by the name of Quinn Carter. Can he overcome the past and embrace the present in order to find a future for himself?Death, Love, Mystery, and Loss.This story takes you through the lives of the people of Strandherd and their hardships, how trauma manifests in many forms, and how each of these characters either conquer or are consumed by it

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: Return

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